Nurturing Your Newborn
Nurturing Your Newborn
  • Domingo, 07 de abril de 2024
  • 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  • $65.00 | 8 boletos disponibles
  • Renown Regional Medical Center – Sierra Café, sala de reuniones 105

Descripción general

Tenga en cuenta lo siguiente: Esta clase es una clase 2 en 1 que incluye la Clase sobre el cuidado del recién nacido y la Clase de conceptos básicos sobre la lactancia y más.

The morning portion of this class will include breastfeeding benefits and techniques, the physiology of making milk, positioning and latch, how to know baby is getting enough milk, keeping up your milk supply, where to go for help, learn about our lactation consultants and breastfeeding forums. Pump rentals and a visit to our Lactation Connection resource center are also included in this class.

The afternoon segment of this class will cover newborn appearances and behavior, daily care of the newborn, signs of illness, and when to call the doctor. Tummy time, comfort and soothing techniques, how to keep your baby safe, newborn screenings and vaccinations will also be discussed. Partners are encouraged to attend. En esta clase, se incluye un receso para almorzar de 30 minutos.

If this class is sold out and you need to take a class please email or leave a message at 775-982-4352.

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