Winter Skin Care: 5 Must-Know Pro Tips

Por: Tori Bowlin

10 de octubre de 2023

Woman wearing hat and scarf enjoying winter

As the seasons shift, so do the demands of our skin. We sat down with Heidi Nicol, a seasoned aesthetician at Renown Dermatology, Laser & Skin Care, to uncover the secrets of pampering your skin during the winter onset.

The aftermath of summer often leaves us with dry, dull skin and unexpected breakouts. However, a few tweaks to your skincare regimen can make this seasonal transition smoother.

1. Re-evaluate Your Cleanser

Now might be the opportune moment to transition to a non-drying cleanser. The one that worked wonders in the summer might be aggressive for the colder months. Nicol suggests opting for a "gentle" cleanser that effectively cleanses and exfoliates without including abrasive ingredients.

2. Amp Up the Hydration

With the dip in temperature, your skin craves a richer moisturizer. Seek out products enriched with Hyaluronic Acid. This powerhouse ingredient amplifies your skin's ability to retain moisture, ensuring it stays supple throughout the day.

3. Introduce Retinol

If retinol isn't a staple in your skincare arsenal yet, consider introducing it now. Its prowess in diminishing sun-induced brown spots and fine lines is unparalleled.

4. Sunscreen is a Must, Regardless of the Season

The misconception that sunscreen is only for summer needs debunking. UVA and UVB rays are omnipresent and can be detrimental to your skin throughout the year. Dermatologists unanimously advocate for the daily application of broad-spectrum sunscreen.

5. Time for a Deep Exfoliation

The colder months are ideal for shedding dead skin cells. While there are many exfoliating products to choose from, consider treatments like dermaplaning or skin peels for a deeper cleanse. Reach out to Renown Dermatology, Laser & Skin Care for a complimentary skin assessment to discover the perfect treatment tailored for you.

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