Motivar a los niños a comer alimentos saludables

17 de agosto de 2022

Sándwiches divertidos para niños

Para la mayoría de los padres, convencer a sus hijos de que coman frutas y verduras puede ser un desafío, pero los niños deben alimentarse bien. Aquí ofrecemos seis consejos útiles para fomentar una alimentación saludable.

1. Make a Schedule

Create a meal schedule and stick to it as much as possible. If you’re on the go, take a cooler stocked with healthy options to avoid stopping for fast food. However, many fast food restaurants offer healthy options like grilled chicken, chili, baked potatoes and protein-packed salads.

2. Kids + Kitchen = Fun!

Children may be more inclined to eat what they’ve helped prepare. Bonus: it’s quality family time you can enjoy together while being productive. Find some healthy and fun recipes you can tackle as a team.

3. Dip It

Introduce veggies by offering ranch dressing or hummus with fresh carrots, snap peas or broccoli. Experiment with various vegetables and dips to see what piques your child’s interests. Make it fun by cutting up veggies to resemble animals or exciting shapes.

4. Limit Unhealthy Food

Buy smaller packages instead of economy bulk-sized options. Offer sweet treats but provide some nutrition — apple slices in light caramel sauce, bananas with peanut butter or strawberries in dark chocolate.

5. Provide Smaller Portions

Scale portions appropriately for the child’s age and needs. For example, a preschooler generally would not require the same intake as their teen sibling. Ask your pediatrician about your child’s individual nutritional requirements. When they can handle utensils safely, allow them to serve themselves. This will help them feel like a “grown-up” and help them understand portion sizes. Encourage children to take one serving at a time and return for seconds only if they are still hungry.

6. Allow Treats

Some say denying occasional treats will only make kids want them more. However, it’s OK to allow for an occasional treat as part of the big picture.

You can also model good eating habits for your children. And remember: Just because you don’t like a particular food doesn’t mean they won’t. So expose your children to healthy foods — even if they’re not your favorites.

Check out the recipe section of our blog for delicious recipes your family will love!


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