Cómo ayuda la filantropía a subsanar los vacíos en la atención

Por: Office of the CEO

11 de agosto de 2021

Proveedor de Renown Health examinando a un niño mientras su mamá mira

En Nevada, somos muy afortunados de contar con una serie de organizaciones sin fines de lucro y filántropos que apoyan nuestra misión en Renown Health; no podríamos hacerlo sin ellos. In the world of healthcare, we are doing well in driving community benefit programming through operations. However, the things our communities need investments in are so much broader than we might be able to afford on our own. That is why it is essential for us to be supported by the people who are so in love with this community and want to assure we get the kinds of services and care for those who can’t afford it or add new services that are contemporary and leading edge that have not been offered here before.

Establishing Behavioral Health & Addiction Institute

We are so excited to receive a very generous donation from Chuck and Stacie Mathewson for the Stacie Mathewson Behavioral Health & Addiction Institute. This institute is so sorely needed in northern Nevada. Renown Health has a very important role in being able to bring attention to this important problem of mental health and addiction challenges in northern Nevada.

Llevando la atención pediátrica cerca de casa

One of the most important areas where philanthropy comes in handy for us at Renown Health is by assuring that we have the foundational programs that we would not be able to afford with operations alone. For example, the William N. Pennington Foundation’s generous gift has allowed us to create 15 pediatric specialty areas here in northern Nevada so children who have an illness or injury no longer need to leave town.

The William N. Pennington Foundation supported Renown Children’s Hospital in a way that we never would have been able to support on our own. We are eternally grateful, and their gift — that 100,000 children are assured access to contemporary health and healthcare services — is beyond comprehension.

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