Especialista en vida infantil con paciente de Renown

Brindando apoyo emocional a sus hijos y a usted. 

It is undeniable that hospitals can be a daunting experience for all, but when a child is faced with a difficult diagnosis or staying in the hospital, it can be especially overwhelming. Fortunately, Renown Health has a team of experts called the Child Life team to help.
This group of devoted healthcare providers collaborate with kids who have been admitted to the hospital, as well as children whose family member is a patient at Renown, to ensure they understand every aspect of their visit, while also letting them be kids.
Los especialistas en vida infantil brindan apoyo a los niños y sus familias mediante lo siguiente: 
  • Assessing patients developmental level and tailoring interactions to each individual family need
  • Helping children cope with worries, fears and/or separation
  • Making doctors, needles, and tests a little less scary by creating coping plans
  • Organizing activities in the playroom and at bedside
  • Addressing parent and caregiver concerns
  • Preparing patients and families for what to expect
  • Fostering a therapeutic environment through play opportunities
  • Offering a hand to hold during tests, procedures, and tough stuff
  • Offering services like art, music and pet therapy
  • Creating special memories and mementos for children and families in times of grief and loss

The Child Life Program is available seven days a week at Renown Health and the team can be reached at 775-982-5173.

Who Makes Up Renown’s Child Life Team?

The Child Life team is comprised of Certified Child Life Specialists and Child Life Assistants. 
As professionals trained to work with children in medical settings, members of the child life team hold a bachelor's or master's degree in the areas of child life, child development and special education or recreational therapy. Our specialists are also professionally certified and affiliated with the Association of Child Life Professionals.

Renown Health is proud to hire additional Child Life professionals to join this growing team. Click here to learn more about open positions at Renown.  


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Como parte del programa de donación de Children's Hospital, su apoyo generoso brinda elementos muy necesarios para ayudar a nuestros pacientes más pequeños a sobrellevar los posibles factores estresantes asociados con la hospitalización y la enfermedad.

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