Get Ready for Baby with Childbirth Classes

Por: Chris Marlo

10 de febrero de 2023

Women attending birthing classes

By taking our pregnancy and birth class, you will gain the tools necessary to have a safe and empowering birth experience for both you and your baby. Chris Marlo, Childbirth Educator at Renown Health explains why birth classes are important.

For questions regarding classes or tours, contact Chris Marlo:

What is a Certified Childbirth Educator/Doula?

If you are expecting a baby, Renown has a wide variety of classes to help prepare you for birth. Classes are taught by certified childbirth educators and doulas. A certified childbirth educator is a trusted resource who has a passion for educating expecting parents about childbirth, and will provide you with non-biased, evidence-based information. A doula is a professional labor assistant who provides physical and emotional support during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. As you prepare for birth, our certified educators will guide you each step of the way and ensure you receive the quality care you deserve.

Why Should I Take Pregnancy and Birth Classes?

For expecting parents, taking a childbirth education course is an important step in preparing for their new arrival. We cover topics such as labor and delivery, postpartum care, breastfeeding, nutrition, pain management techniques, and more. Our experienced instructors will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions during your pregnancy and childbirth. With our classes, you can be sure that you have all the knowledge necessary to have a positive experience before, during, and after your baby’s arrival.

Our classes will help ease your fears as we practice breathing, relaxation and the many tools you can utilize for birth. At Renown we understand that there is no right way to give birth, and our educators will offer a supportive environment where questions are encouraged, and everyone is respected.

Childbirth Class Options:
  • Baby and Family Suites Tour & Virtual Tour
  • Clase de conceptos básicos sobre la lactancia y más
  • Breathing & Relaxation Techniques for Birth
  • Pregnancy and Birth – 5 & 7 Week Series
  • Clase sobre embarazo y parto
Additional Resources:
  • Clase de seguridad para bebés
  • Babysitter Class
  • Grandparents Virtual Class
  • Clase sobre RCP y asfixia en bebés
  • Newborn Care
  • Nurturing Your Newborn
  • Preparing for Postpartum Virtual Class


Childbirth Classes

Mujer embarazada sosteniendo zapatitos de bebé contra su abdomen

Childbirth Classes

These educational classes prepare mom and partner for pregnancy and childbirth in a supportive environment.
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