Learning and Adapting to an Ever-Changing Virus

February 2020

Standing Up the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS)

On 25 de febrero de 2020, leaders at Renown Health stood up Renown's Hospital Incident Command System (HICS), a standardized system used to organize response personnel and resources and manage response operations during emergencies and crises.

19 de marzo de 2020 Hospital Bed

19 de marzo de 2020

Renown Regional admitted the first patient in need of care while sick with COVID-19

Our providers navigated two years of a pandemic and overcame many challenges while providing the best care for our patients and the community.
deployable medical structure at renown regional

March 2020

Temporary Deployable Medical Structure Placed Outside Renown Regional Emergency Department

El 12 de marzo de 2020, Renown erigió un centro médico desplegable para que sirviera como centro de exámenes de detección de enfermedades respiratorias para pacientes de la sala de emergencias del Renown Regional. A similar tent was also set up outside the emergency room at South Meadows Medical Center. This proactive measure helped our teams care for community members with respiratory illness symptoms while protecting patients and staff in the emergency department and other areas of the hospital.
alternative care site

April 2020

Alternate Care Site at Mill Street Parking Structure Begins Construction

Renown’s HICS team decided to create an Alternate Care Site (ACS) in the Renown Regional Medical Center Mill Street parking structure. The ACS served additional hospitalized patients and allowed caregivers to remain on campus and still have access to existing hospital infrastructure such as lab, pharmacy, imaging, food services and other critical services. Después de solo 10 días de construcción, el 3 de abril de 2020 se completó el ACS con espacio para hasta 1,400 pacientes.

On Nov. 12, 2020, Renown opened the ACS to serve additional hospitalized patients diagnosed with COVID-19 who were clinically stable or improving. Healthcare workers at Renown cared for hundreds of patients at this site. In early Jan. 2021, the remaining patients returned home.
love sculpture at renown regional

April and July 2020

The LOVE Sculpture Placed at Renown Regional 

En 16 de abril de 2020, durante un momento de oscuridad e incertidumbre, Artown le prestó a Renown la escultura LOVE, una obra de arte de aluminio de una tonelada, creada por la artista Laura Kimpton y fabricada por Jeff Schomberg. La estructura, que originalmente se inauguró en Burning Man, iluminó la entrada principal del Renown Regional en Mill St.

El 13 de julio de 2020, gracias al apoyo del expresidente de la junta y defensor de la comunidad Blake Smith y a la Keyser Foundation, la escultura “LOVE” se convirtió en una instalación permanente de Renown Health. Throughout the pandemic, it has served as a source of inspiration, hope and positivity for our community and care providers.

Iconic Love Sculpture Makes Permanent Home at Renown

Covid-19 Testing

June 2020

Renown Offers In-House COVID-19 Testing

The Renown laboratory team sprang into action to help meet the growing demand for COVID-19 testing amongst Washoe County residents and businesses. Renown invirtió en ampliar la plantilla de personal y la capacidad de hacer pruebas de forma interna, lo que aseguró que nuestros equipos pudieran hacer hisopados y procesar hasta 1,000 pruebas de COVID-19 para pacientes cada día. All with results returning within hours. 

Learn more about our in-house COVID-19 testing.

November 2020

Renown Introduces “Hospital At Home” Remote Monitoring

Six patients at Renown Regional Medical Center and Renown South Meadows Medical Center diagnosed with COVID-19 were outfitted with a remote Hospital at Home monitoring system. Los médicos de Renown planifican usar este sistema para monitorear a más de 1,000 pacientes hospitalizados y pacientes en estados menos agudos en sus hogares.

Read the At-Home Patient Monitoring press release.

employee vaccination event

December 2020

Renown Administers COVID-19 Vaccines to Health Care Employees

El 17 de diciembre de 2020, Renown comenzó a vacunar a sus trabajadores de atención médica. Among those receiving the first vaccines was Luis Martinez, a technician on Renown’s Clinical Decision Unit who cared for patients recovering from COVID-19 in the Alternate Care Site field hospital.

Read the Reno Gazette Journal article about the COVID-19 vaccine rollout at Renown.