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Descripción general

Experience the cutting-edge 3-D mammography services offered exclusively at the Greenberg Breast Health Center – Vista in Sparks, NV. Our state-of-the-art technology provides highly detailed images that enable doctors to detect a broader range of abnormalities in breast tissue, leading to improved cancer detection rates and reduced false positives, particularly in women with dense breasts.

For patients with dense breast tissue, we strongly recommend a whole breast ultrasound and a traditional mammogram. This non-invasive procedure utilizes harmless sound waves, similar to those employed during routine check-ups for expectant mothers, to identify cancerous tumors within the breast without radiation exposure. The ultrasound examination typically takes about 20 minutes, ensuring a quick and comfortable experience for our patients.

Servicios principales:

  • Mamografía 3D
  • Ultrasonido automatizado de pecho completo
  • Densitometría ósea (DEXA)


Tipos de seguro aceptados

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Renown Health accepts most insurances. Tenga en cuenta que muchas redes de seguros operan bajo una variedad de nombres y acuerdos. Before scheduling your appointment or procedure, the best way to verify your insurance benefits with our providers is to call your insurance company and ask if they will cover the services you require and your patient responsibility fee obligation.