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The Renown Health Clinical Research Office increases access to novel treatments through the expansion of cutting edge, data driven, and compassionate clinical research experiences.  We accomplish this by collaborating with patients, clinicians, residents, and students to advocate for clinical research as part of patient care and provide the necessary resources in support of a healthy Nevada.

Our goal is to make it easy for patients to participate in and for researchers to conduct studies that promote the advancement of health. We take pride in collaborating on all aspects of a research project or clinical trial, from project initiation to closure.

Renown’s Research Office (RRO) is a centralized clinical trial office dedicated to facilitating
all aspects of research projects conducted at Renown Health facilities or using Renown
Health data.

We have a responsive infrastructure able to accept a wide variety of research funding sources and a culture committed to, and invested in research.
The Renown Research Office’s services include:
  • Study Identification, Resource Allocation and Start-up Facilitation
  • Contractual and Budget Negotiation and Execution
  • Facilitate Regulatory and Institutional Review Board Compliance and Approvals
  • Dedicated Clinical Research Coordinators
  • Clinical Trial Participant Management and Protocol Execution Support
  • Research Specimen and Data Collection, Processing, and Management
  • Stakeholder Liaison and Research Program Development Support

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We encourage and foster student and resident research and support research training for those just starting out in this exciting field. For questions regarding student and resident research projects, visit the UNR Med. Clinical Research Center


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Deciding to participate in a research study is a personal choice. Researchers may contact you regarding your interest in participating in certain research studies you may be eligible for, unless you opt out.

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