¿Qué significa participar en un estudio clínico?

Por: Kristen Gurnea

11 de julio de 2022

Paciente hablando con un proveedor médico

Participating in a clinical trial is voluntary and a personal choice. Clinical trials are research studies that involve people and are an important part of patient care.

¿Qué es un estudio clínico? 

Los estudios clínicos son estudios de investigación que involucran a personas y son una parte importante de la atención al paciente. There are several different types of clinical trials; some are designed to understand trends in a disease or identify better ways to diagnose a condition, while others determine if a new treatment is safe and works when treating, improving or preventing a health condition.

There are over 400,000 clinical trials currently being conducted in the United States, and even more across the world. This includes health conditions such as heart failure, cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, respiratory conditions like COPD, common infections, cystic fibrosis, and many more. Clinical trials lead the healthcare industry to new discoveries that contribute to reliable and exact care, improving healthcare quality and saving lives.

Clinical trials are conducted by a team of researchers, including doctors, pharmacists and clinical research coordinators. These research teams are highly skilled in their specialty areas, often providing traditional patient care and seeing research patients in the same day. These teams are responsible for making sure the clinical trial is completed correctly, and their patients are their top priority.

Why should I consider participating in a clinical trial?

Participating in a clinical trial is voluntary and a personal choice. There are many reasons why patients decide to get involved in clinical research. While many clinical trials are designed for patients who have a certain health condition, many studies also ask healthy volunteers to contribute in order to compare health outcomes. Clinical trials are also for patients at all different stages of their diagnosis. Depending on the specific study, the patient may receive access to a new cutting-edge treatment before it is widely available.

When patients join a clinical trial, the research team becomes a health partner dedicated to their health and well-being. When patients join a clinical trial, they make an informed decision in their healthcare by weighing all available options in addition to routine treatments. Research participants know that they are contributing meaningfully and helping other patients like them.

Where can I find more information about clinical trials at Renown Health?

Renown Health’s mission is to make a genuine difference in the health and well-being of the communities we serve. Renown’s clinical trial portfolio offers leading care options to patients in northern Nevada, close to home, in a variety of specialties. Contact the Renown Clinical Research Office for more information on clinical trials available to you!

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