Guía para un fin de semana de verano divertido durante el año escolar

Por: Alana Ridge

12 de agosto de 2022

Joven de cabello castaño oscuro pintando en un atril

Si bien los alumnos están por regresar a la escuela, eso no significa que la diversión del verano deba terminar. Weekends and after-school hours still call for engaging activities for the kids, even if the extreme heat and thunderstorms don’t beckon you and your kids outside. There are several creative ways you can keep your children active indoors during those coveted out-of-school hours.  

Below are 10 activities sure to spark fun for the kids from the comfort of your own home. 

1. Dance It Out 

Children are bundles of energy. Turn on your child's favorite music station, roll up the carpet and dance it out. 

2. Paint Pictures 

Above all, kids love to use their imagination. Why not gather up some paintbrushes and some colorful paints to let your child create a masterpiece? 

3. Scavenger Hunt 

Whenever children go on a scavenger hunt, it's a mini adventure. Collect some of your child's favorite items, and hide them around the house, giving them clues to help them find them.  

4. Balloon Toss 

Many kids love balloons. Tossing balloons into the air and having your child keep them up in the air without having them touch the floor is an active energy burner. 

5. Science Experiments 

In case you have a budding scientist at home, choose a science experiment to spark their imaginative spirit. Making water bottle lava lamps or frozen slime are terrific indoor STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) activities. 

6. Arts and Crafts 

From scrapbooks with their favorite photos to crafts from household items, arts and crafts are a great way for your kids to work their innovation muscles. 

7. Indoor Bowling 

Bowling in your own home – unexpected? Sure. Loads of fun? Absolutely! You can purchase an indoor bowling set for less than twenty dollars or create your own with household items. 

8. Board Games 

Because of the limitless options, board games are another favorite indoor activity for the whole family. Your child can learn vital social skills like learning to wait their turn, as well as memory formation and problem-solving skills. 

9. Stage a Puppet Show 

Making sock puppets (or even just using “hand puppets”) can really spark a day of spectacular imagination. Draft a script and perform a puppet play for the whole family! 

10. Karaoke Concert 

Singing certainly gets you in the groove of having a great time with your family and building memories – and you don’t even need a karaoke machine to do it! There are many digital karaoke options available for your family’s delight. 

It’s no surprise that after-school hours and weekend days are premium play time for kids, especially during the summer months. As shown above, indoor summer activities when the weather isn’t conducive to spending time outdoors can still be fun and engaging for everyone. 
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