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Preparing For an Anticipated Surge of Patients Amidst COVID-19

3 de abril de 2020

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Across the country, we are seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases including significant surges in hospitalized patients in many communities. As our nation experiences the impact of this international pandemic, we at Renown Health are focused on preparing for what could occur in our own community. 

We continue to safely screen, diagnose and care for patients with respiratory illnesses, including those at risk for COVID-19. We have been, and will continue to use, current local, national and international data, analytics, public data sets and predictive modeling.

Based on these predictive models, we anticipate seeing a surge in hospital patient volumes over the next several weeks. We are preparing for potential patient census increases, requiring a planning effort that challenges us to think outside of the box. Serving this level of hospital patients, which is called a “surge” will challenge us to ensure we have the beds, procedure capacity and spaces that accommodate staff, technology, supplies, equipment and services to meet the needs of our patients.

To meet the increasing needs, a new temporary patient care area will be created within the Mill Street parking structure to serve additional hospitalized patients at Renown Regional Medical Center. This location allows caregivers to remain on campus, and still have accessibility to existing hospital infrastructure such as lab, pharmacy, imaging, food services and other critical services. This solution also allows for an efficient level of care escalation and other emergent interventions as needed. Crews will begin construction shortly and will include will include flooring, electrical infrastructure, lighting, water, technology and wall partitions. This facility will be equipped with beds and basic patient care support equipment.

Hospitals in other communities around the country have successfully taken this approach, including Vanderbilt University Hospital. All around the country, hospitals are implementing creative approaches to ensure patient care needs can be addressed.

As the work continues in the Mill Street Parking structure, we will evaluate the best way to incorporate our media partners and our community in seeing what the finished alternate care site looks like.

We would like to send our sincere appreciation to our local partners in this project who have been working around the clock to make this work happen: Clark/Sullivan Construction, Curtis Bros. Construction, PK Electrical, Ainsworth Associates Mechanical Engineers, Intermountain Electric, Mt. Rose Heating & Air Conditioning y Frank Lepori Construction.

For up-to-date information on Renown’s approach to keeping our community safe, visit our website at https://www.renown.org/covid-19/.



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Preparing For an Anticipated Surge of Patients Amidst COVID-19